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Golden chinchilla scottish fold family

This is a golden chinchilla scottish fold family. the mother with 3 kittens was sent to us by Alex, living in Moscow, Russia.

Tucking the kitty in

there was a very sweet moment at “grey-cats” cattery. this little kitten finds it most soothing to sleep with a do

Cuddling with ginger kitty

YouTuber MaxluvsMya volunteers with a cat rescue and foster kittens that well eventually be fixed and adopted into l

Two Cats Hunting a Mouse on iPad

our kids aren’t the only ones playing with tablets all day long. two sweet tabby cats spent their after noon chasing mou

Как кошка любит своего хозяина

J.C, a cute scottish fold can’t get enough of it’s shirtless owner. while playing video games, his girl notices th

Kitten teaches her human to play patty cake

This fluffy kitty is teaching her human mom how to play kitty patty cake the proper way! “Good job human! You are gettin

Kittens entranced by malaysian busker

a malaysian street singer was having a bad day as no one has stopped to listen to him sing the whole day. as if someone heard

Cat begs for a pet

cat asks to be pet on the head

squeaky kitty too young to meow

In the video we see super small baby sitting on someone’s lap, heroically trying to find its roar.but the tiny fluffy ki

Ginger family

one happy ginger family of three baby kittens and a mommy ginger that comes to the rescue when big brother is playing too hars

Kitten copies mom’s bathing movements

This adorable little one is trying to learn how to bath from looking at mommy. this is the short version:

Cat sucking on it’s own tail

Pet for Pet

Cat pets owner’s face… owner pets cat.