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Kittens entranced by malaysian busker

a malaysian street singer was having a bad day as no one has stopped to listen to him sing the whole day. as if someone heard

Christmas | Xmas Cat Costume

Your feline can be a Santa’s little helper too ! You will want to make sure you have your camera ready at all times. Thi

The Mewgaroo Hoodie

The Mewgaroo Hoodie has a special “pouch” for your kitten or cat to snuggle up with you. And even better, the hood

pet lion costume mane wig

we all know cats are little sweet lions and tigers.well, if only they had the name to prove it. put this on your cat for laugh

The Litter Kwitter

Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter – Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet – With Instructional DVD. Train yo

Cat Whack a mole | mouse

Cat begs for a pet

cat asks to be pet on the head

Human Cat Perch

This cat jumps on its owner’s head each time she brushes her teeth. nobody believes her so she had to record. Okay, so o

squeaky kitty too young to meow

In the video we see super small baby sitting on someone’s lap, heroically trying to find its roar.but the tiny fluffy ki

Ginger family

one happy ginger family of three baby kittens and a mommy ginger that comes to the rescue when big brother is playing too hars

Kitten copies mom’s bathing movements

This adorable little one is trying to learn how to bath from looking at mommy. this is the short version:

Cat sucking on it’s own tail

Pet for Pet

Cat pets owner’s face… owner pets cat.

1 left

me? fat?!

magic trick


I’ve had it

You’ll get lost again

white cats can’t land

high cat

Job interview

old couple

night hunt was a success


The cat crib hammock

You know how much your cat likes to nap around you? like under your chair? well this thing make it easier and more comfortable

cat hamburger bed | house

How about making your cat look yummy ? It’s a known fact that cats love to squeeze into tight spaces and this is wh