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Cat storing itself in the drawers cabinet

A clever Bengal cat named “Loki”, showed off its masterful hide-and-seek skills by opening a drawer and shutting itself inside.

YouTube channel Loki the Cat shared video of the spotted cat reaching up to the middle drawer of a five-drawer dresser to prepare its hiding place.

The dexterous cat managed to sneak its paws into the crease of the dresser and open up the drawer before hoisting itself inside.

Once inside the drawer the cat laid down and manage to shimmy until the drawer slowly slid completely shut.

Shortly after filming the video, the cat was out and about. safe and sound.

According to redditor “soulparadise”:

“Loki likes to play hide and seek!”

moral of the story is: If your cat goes missing, make sure you check your drawers!

unless it’s loki, he might get clever enough to drive the family car to the mall.