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Older sister in shelter won’t let her younger go alone

two cats hugging in shelter

Something very sweet went on on the Cumberland County animal shelter in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

in one of the cages in which two sister cats share a cell,  these two sisters have been rescued and brought to the shelter and were looking for a home but seemed inseparable.

every time one of them went away, the other sister grabbed her sister  and hugged her tied as if they never want to be separated again.

the heart breaking gesture effected anyone who happen to see it.


“I have never seen two so sweet together in person before!”
Susanne Butler wrote via Facebook.


later on the two sister kittens were taken in by a rescue group to keep most likely in a foster home until vetted and ready to be placed up for adoption.

and good news! Both kitties went to foster care at the Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary in North Carolina.
So they are together and safe at a loving place at last!